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Apostle Johnson Suleman Announces #250,000 empowerment fund to 100 Nigerian youth

Apostle Johnson Suleman on Twitter has announced that he is willing to empower 100 Nigerians with #250,000 to start a business.

He asked Nigerian youths to state businesses and ideas which the #250,000 can nurture or start and many ideas have been made public.

He said:

We are thinking of empowering 100youths btw now as September ends…
What business can youths even do with N250k in Nigeria now and legitimately make a profit since no government jobs are available?

Responses below:

With 250k the empowered can get a tech skill that will help him/her become gainfully employed with tech companies outside Nigeria in 12-14 months.

Fairly used Laptop- 140k

Internet and power- 110k

They are many online institutes that train you to acquire these skills for free.

I can start trading…since I finish learning how to trade in January 2020 I’ve not seen the capital to start up my own business and I also took my time to learn forex and crypto and how to analyze charts I still don’t have capital to start up my own trading account

Good afternoon sir,

I own a company that writes business plans and ideas and can help prospects run their businesses.

If given the opportunity, I can come up with several generic business plans that can fit into the 250,000 start-up category.

I’d appreciate it.

Apostle sir with 250k I can run a palm oil business with Wilmer companies and man a return of 40k every month based on 6mth duration

80 percent of youths will be back to square 1 within 30 days after receiving N250k

Business a youth can do with the amount listed above is
A popcorn bz, All the material required won’t cost close to 100k, apart from rent, but if you can be paying less in a stand, then surely u will flourish in it.
I have1 am running, more capital, and adding an ice cream machine.

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Logistics is a good business, transporting goods from Lagos [food company, chicken feeds, drinks] to another northern and southern part of the country, in that way it helps the economy inflow.
We are a registered logistic companies with its own website…

With 250k…I will boost my provision business
And my snacks n drink business
make this dream come true for me????????..God reward u abundantly in Jesus name Amen

Good afternoon, sir.
I have a business plan.
I want to learn tyre recycling.
This is using old car tires to produce tables.
It’s done by using foam to cover the body of the tire and then, using a beautiful material or linen to finally cover the tyre, giving it a beautiful look.

Sir please with that 250k I can get a brand new deep freezer and a big mobile cooler for my Juice business. It is quite a lucrative sir
Thank you. God bless you, sir.

Palm oil sir. I buy from my village and sell in Lagos.

I’m into electrical materials sir…that amount will go a long waythanks

Sir good day, good morning, and good evening. I learn how to sell clothes/men’s wears boutique, and now I’m done with my master’s, am now alone, I went to my parents to assist me due to hardship of the country I take it and pay for 2yrs

250k we totally transform my business life because my gas business is completely down and shop closed already.. so when customers call for home delivery because there’s nothing left in the shop. I usually go pick the cylinder, take it to the plant to fill then deliver

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And many more…

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