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Are There SETA Learnerships Without Matric?


Learnerships are vital for getting your foot in the door of the professional space post-secondary or tertiary education. But If you don’t have a matric certificate and are unsure if you can still apply for a learnership, here are a few pointers on what you can do about that.

Are There SETA Learnerships Without Matric?

There are several facilities that provide learnerships, which are work-study opportunities. It is a learning programme that blends theoretical learning with a focus on real-world application.

Upon completion of a learnership, you gain a nationally recognised qualification that includes both theoretical and practical work components. The question is, can you get a learnership without a matric certificate?

Yes, it is possible to attain a learnership for those without having matriculated, as some companies provide learnerships. Various colleges have different academic criteria for learnerships. Some prefer you to have a matric certificate, while others do not.

The benefit of having a learnership is that you typically are paid a small stipend for the practical work you are performing in addition to learning the skills required for the sector. This is not guaranteed, however. The typical duration of a learnership is 18 months.

Learnerships are an efficient approach to obtaining resourceful credentials and gaining practical work experience, making it simpler to find employment once the learnership has ended.

The Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs), which were established by the government to assist learners in developing their skills and preparing them for the job market, are in charge of managing learnerships.

All businesses should consider developing learnership programmes since they help the nation lower the rate of unemployment among the populace. The following link will lead you to any relevant information relating to additional information about currently available learnership opportunities in the country.

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