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Capitec Loan Balance: Here Are the 4 Different Ways You Can Check Your Account Balance:

How to Check Capitec Loan  Balance on Capitec Mobile Banking

1 Dial *120*3279#
2 Select 2.Bal Enquiry
3 See Your Available Balance

How to Check Capitec Loan  Balance on Capitec Internet Banking

1 Log In
2 Click on Your Account Number
3 See Your Current and Available Balances

How to Check Capitec Loan  Balance on The Atm

1 Enter Pin
2 Select Available Balance or Balance Enquiry
3 See Your Available Balance
It’s Easy. Dial *120*3279# to Do Credit Facility Transfers, View Your Available Account Balances, Buy Airtime or Electricity, Transfer Money Between Your Accounts and Pay a Capitec Client with A Verified Cellphone Number.
Hi Mathapelo, You May Dial *120*3279# or Use an Atm to Check Your Balance.
Hi Sabelo, You Can Now View Your Card Details on Your Capitec Remote Banking App.
  1. Tap on The Cards Icon at The Bottom of Your Screen.
  2. Tap on Show Card Details (blue Text Below the Picture of Your Card).
  3. Enter Your Remote Banking Pin.
How to Make Immediate Payments Using Our App
  1. Tap Transact.
  2. Tap Payments.
  3. Choose the Beneficiary and Select Pay.
  4. Enter the Payment Details.
  5. Tap Immediate Payment.
  6. Enter Your Secret Remote Pin to Confirm.
7.1 Before Using Whats App Messenger to Access Any Financial or Banking Services, You Have to Add Capitec’s Whats App Messenger Number, 067 418 9565, to Your Contacts.
That’s the Answer to The Question, “can I Have Two Capitec Accounts?” Yes, You Can Have up To 4, All of Which Are Linked Within Your Main Account.
Mobile Banking Using Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (ussd) Allows You to Use Any Cellphone to Access the Service by Dialing *120*3279# to Perform Banking on The Go.
The Bank Offers Avenues for Customers to Dispute Any Transfers that Customers Did Not Authorize. Eft Payments Made to Capitec or Non- Capitec Accounts without Intending to Can Be Reversed. Fortunately, the Bank Has Provided for Such, Which Means that Customers Can Rest Easy Knowing that Their Problems Are Sorted.
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