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CBN N500K Grant Application Form 2023/2024 – FG Grant


CBN N500K Grant Application Form 2023/2024 – FG Grant: You’ve come to the right place if you need a loan or grant and wish to apply for a Central Bank Grant. Here, we’ll give you comprehensive details on the CBN Grant Application Form and How to Apply to make the process simpler for you.

To address Nigeria’s unemployment issues, the Federal Government and the Central Bank of Nigeria have developed a new plan. The Tertiary Institutions Entrepreneurship Scheme (TIES) was introduced by the CBN to encourage students and recent graduates of Nigerian polytechnics and universities to pursue entrepreneurship instead of white-collar occupations. For graduates and students, CBN has created grants. Additionally, the new CBN N500k grant registration page has gone live.

According to Pex Bank, its Tertiary Institutions Entrepreneurship Scheme – (TIES) aims to increase access to finance for Nigerian polytechnic and university graduates and graduates with innovative business and technical ideas. The central bank said that the main objective of creating TIES is to overcome the trend of white-collar job seekers and focus on job creation.

CBN said: “The top five polytechnics and universities in Nigeria with the best entrepreneurial trends/ideas will be awarded first place: N150 m; second place N120 m; third place N80 m; fourth place N80 m and fifth place. Location – N50m “,

For two-year regional and national entrepreneurship competitions, Apex Bank has stated that it will establish private and public sector expert organization (BoE) to evaluate the technological and entrepreneurial ideas provided by Nigerian universities and polytechnics.  BoE will suggest projects with great potential. and the grant’s varying impact on the award.


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Key highlights of the guideline / CBN Introduces N500 Grants for Graduates

Projects funded under the scheme will be monitored by independent monitors set up jointly by CBN and MFIs.

This scheme will run for the first time (no later than 31 December 2031) in 10 years, depending on the complexity of the project.

Repayment of interest and principal must be made on a monthly or quarterly basis according to a set cash flow cycle and according to an approved repayment schedule.

Eligibility Criteria / CBN presents N500 scholarships to graduates

Applicants under the scheme will be graduates of Nigeria Polytechnics and Universities:

  • First-degree certificate (BSc/HND/ or it is equivalent);
  • National Youth Service Certificate (NYSC) discharge or exemption certificate;
  • Certificate of Participation issued by polytechnics and universities evidencing entrepreneurship training; and
  • Not more than 7 years post-NYSC.

Register for CBN Grant 2022/2023 Updates

To know immediately about Grant, Application Form, Screening Process,

Steps to Subscribe Free

  • First, enter your email id in the following text box
  • Email Address
  • Click on the “Register” button
  • Log in to your email and verify your free subscription.

How to Apply for CBN N500K Grants for Graduates

If you want to apply, then only use the official website of the bank.

  • First visit to the official portal: https://cbnties.com.ng/
  • Read the guidelines for Tertiary Institutions Entrepreneurship Scheme (TIES)
  • Click on Proceed button
  • Select Loan Type: (Either Tier 1 – Sole Proprietorship or Tier 2 – Small Company /Enterprise)
  • Enter NYSC Callup Number / NYSC request might take a minute to go through
  • NYSC Certificate Number, Year Of NYSC Certificate, Year of Graduation
  • Fill in Personal details and click on validate
  • Submit form

Veriy your email and login with your valid credentials

Fill CBN Grant Form and submit

How can I borrow from CBN?

The CBN does not usually fund individuals. Accordingly, you will need to have a registered business or company — with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Additionally, as the CBN does not lend directly, you will need to be a customer of one of the eligible financial institutions i.e. PFIs.

How do I apply for PTA on CBN?

Step-by-Step Procedure to Apply for PTA/BTA in any Bank

  1. Fund your bank account with Naira value of the amount you need.
  2. Visit the CBN’s Trade Monitoring System Portal.
  3. Register with your BVN (individual) or TIN (organization)
  4. An OTP will be sent to your registered email.
  5. Verify your email.
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How long does it take CBN to approve form a?

The process usually takes two to three weeks — depending on the application period.

Does CBN charge for form A?

The CBN said a charge of N5, 000.00 as a fee per declaration of e-Form ‘A’ is applicable with effect from November 30, 2021 and henceforth.

Tier 1 – Sole Proprietorship CBN Graduate Grant


For sole proprietorship businesses, limited liability companies, and small companies as defined by CAMA Tenor:  5 years Loan Limit:  N5 million Interest Rate: 5% from now to February 28, 2022 ( and 9% from March 1, 202

Requirements for CBN Grant For Graduates

  • Bank Verification Number (BVN);
  • Verified first-degree certificate (BSc/HND or its equivalent);
  • Verified National Youth Service Certificate (NYSC) discharge or exemption certificate;
  • Certificate issued by polytechnics and universities evidencing entrepreneurship training;
  • Duly signed Global Standing Instruction (GSI);
  • Third-party guarantee: a senior federal/state civil or public servant, clergy, recognised traditional ruler, professionals (lawyers, doctors, accountants etc.), confirmed staff of established companies.

Term Loan CBN Graduate Grant


Graduates of any Nigerian university or polytechnic within the past seven (7) years with entrepreneurial interest.

CBN Graduate Grant Scope of activities

  • ✔Agribusiness-production, processing, storage and logistics:
  • ✓ Information technology – application/software development,
  • Business process outsourcing, robotics, data management:
  • Creative industry entertainment, artwork, publishing culinary/event management, fashion, photography, beauty/cosmetics, and Science and technology medical innovation, robotics.
  • ticketing systems, traffic systems, renewable energy, waste managementCBN Grant For Graduates  Requirements:

Apply online via the designated online portal (https://CBNties.com.ng) providing requisite information and documents, such as a Valid mobile phone number (linked to your NIN),

  • BVN, NIN, TIN,
  • and email address: • Evidence of business registration (certified true copies of relevant CAC documents)
  • Corporate bank account number of business; and First degree and NYSC discharge (or exemption certificate.

A NOTE: Priority will be given to innovative entrepreneurial activities with high potential for export, job creation, and transformational impact Female entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply.

CBN Graduate Grant Prohibition:

Trading activities shall not be eligible for financing under the Scheme Loan features:  

  • 0 million for individual sole proprietorship/small company projects; and
  • 0 million for partnerships/company projects Interest rate:
  • 5% per annum (9% effective from March 1, 2022, or as may be prescribed by the CBN)
  • Tenor: Five (5) years
  • Moratorium: 12 months
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   Equity Investment


Start-ups, existing businesses expanding or alling businesses

Scope of activities:

 The equity investments shall be in enterprises operating within the eligible scope of activities. Applications for participation under the window shall be through submission of application on https://conties.com.ng.

CBN Grant for Undergraduate Investment Limit

 Subject to the limit prescribed in the AgSMEIS Guidelines.

CBN Graduate Grant Investment Period 

 The investment made shall be for a maximum period of ten (10) years (not exceeding December 31, 2031).

There shall be a 3-year lock-in period before exiting in order to encourage value creation and boost the managerial capacity of business.

NOTE: The equity investment shall be implemented under the AgSMEIS Equity window  

Developmental (CBN Graduate Grant ) Component

Polytechnics and universities in Nigeria shall compete in the national biennial entrepreneurship competition to raise awareness and visibility of entrepreneurial or technological innovations among undergraduates Applications for participation under the Development window shall be through submission of application on https://CBNties.com.ng

Body of Experts (BoE) shall be constituted from the private and public sector to evaluate entrepreneurial and technological innovations submitted by Nigerian polytechnics and universities

The top five (5) polytechnics and universities at the national level shall be awarded the grant prize on the recommendation of the Body of Experts (BOE).

CBN Grant For Graduates awards: 

  • First place N150.0 million
  • Second place N120.0 million:
  • Third place N100.0 million;
  • Fourth place N80.0 million; and
  • Fifth place N50.0 million

The grant shall be utilised specifically for the development of the award-winning innovations and to support research and development of high impact projects within or around the institution’s community.

 CBN Graduate Grant Scope of activities:

Agribusiness, information technology, creative industry and science & technology

How To Apply For CBN Grant For Graduates or How To Access CBN N500k Grants

To Access or Apply for CBN Grant For Graduates.

To Apply for CBN N500k Grants for Graduates, Interested Applicants should visit https://CBNties.com.ng/register   or click here To Apply Online for TIES Pre-Qualification access.

Click on the CBN Graduate Grant you are qualified for.

  • Fill in your details
  • Loan Type
  • NYSC Certificate
  • Number Year Of NYSC Certificate
  • Year of Graduation
  • Personal Details
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Password
  • Confirm Password.
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