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Latest Episode- Lost in love on starlife, Tuesday 2nd August 2022 update


Pakhi reminds Bhavani that when she asked Devi to thank her, Devi told her she doesn’t like her as she interferes between Virat and Sai. Sai says she doesn’t know if Devi told that. Bhavani says she knows only what she likes and provoked Devi against her and Pakhi. Sai says she never provoked Devi against them; though Devi is mentally unstable, she can differentiate between right and wrong; when Devi can notice that, even others must have noticed that;

Devi is like a kid and kids don’t lie; Devi warned her when she came to this house to beware of Pakhi as she is eyeing Virat, know she realized that Chavan family women eye on their devars; she ignored Devi at that time, but whatever she is telling today is true and she doesn’t lie like them. Virat asks when he lie. She says he is not accepting the truth and what she saw in her eyes will not change.

He asks what did she see. He says he doesn’t have the courage to tell truth or else he wouldn’t have hidden what is happening. She tells Pakhi that now she must have experienced how it feels when someone wrongly alleges them; she is courageous to give a befitting reply to Pakhi, but Pakhi doesn’t have that courage; she doesn’t have much time to waste on her as she needs to go to college. She tells Virat that she thought she will provoke him to tell truth, but failed. She picks up her bag and leaves.
Pakhi says they all made her feel like a criminal, nobody stopped Sai from insulting her. She tells Virat that she considers him her friend, then why didn’t he stand against his wife for her; she will never forget whatever happened to her today.

Virat standing on the balcony reminisces Sai’s words. His senior calls him and asks how is he now. He says he is fine. Senior asks him to rest and not be in a hurry to join the duty. He says he is fit now to join back the duty. Senior says he heard he recovered soon because of his wife. He thinks Sai is taking good care of him for the time being, tells senior that he will meet him soon, and thinks why Sai is alleging him and not understanding there is nothing between him and Pakhi. On the other side, Karishma tells Mohit that they found out first about Pakhi and Virat and hid it, but Sai exposed it royally today. Mohit says one should learn how to set fire from her. Karishma says she is excited to see the new drama Sai will create after returning from college, there is no lack of entertainment in this house. Mohit warns Virat and Sai’s problem and if she speaks against Sai again, he will kick her out of the room. She snatches his script and says it’s nothing in front of life’s real drama which has mystery, suspense, romance, etc., and starts her sensational commentary.

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Omkar comes for dinner. Sonali tells seeing today’s drama, she doesn’t think anyone will have food today; says today she found out that there is something between Pakhi and Virat and Sai is right, people say right that a boy and a girl cannot be just friends. Omkar yells that a rotten fish Sai has spoilt even her. Sonali says she feels bad for Sai and thinks Virat and Sai don’t stay together even in the same room. He asks what she means. She says Sai and Virat don’t want to stay together. Bhavani with Omkar walks in and says she is right, nobody wants to stay with Sai. Ashwini serves them food worried for Sai. Ninad asks if she will not speak in her DIL’s favor. Bhavani says why doesn’t she speak when her DIL is wrong, where is her DIL? Ashwini says she is worried for Sai, and doesn’t know if she had food since morning or not. In college, Pulkit tells Sai that he cannot see her in this condition and insists she accompanies him to his house and have food together, her mood will be good if she meets Harini and Devi. Sai says it’s already evening. He insists.

Back at home, Bhavani yells that Ashwini cannot see her bahu’s mistakes and is worried for her instead. Ninad says let Sai go to hell. Omkar yells if his bahu is ill-mannered like Sai, he doesn’t know what he would have done. Sonali asks not to compare Sai with their bahu, she agrees that Karishma is a fool but is not ill-mannered like Sai. Karishma walks to Bhavani and says Pakhi didn’t have anything since morning and is sitting in her room, she is worried for her. Sonali asks why don’t take food for her then. Karishma says Pakhi scolded her last time, so she will not go. Ashwini says she is surprised by their dual nature, they are worried for one bahu and hate another.

Bhavani forcefully takes Pakhi to Virat’s room and says she didn’t have anything since morning because of his arrogant and shameless wife who insulted Pakhi. Virat asks if Sai returned from college. Pakhi yells that Virat is blindfolded in his wife’s love and cannot wrongdoing, she cannot see all this and will go to her room. Bhavani stops her and tells Virat that his wife hasn’t yet returned from college, if she didn’t call and inform her, she forgot that Sai does what she wants. She provokes him against Sai and says no college will be open till this time; she just came here to inform him that Pakhi is deeply hurt; what is wrong if he and Pakhi were in love before marriage, Sai shouldn’t have created an issue out of it.

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Bhavani asks Virat if he thinks what Sai did with Pakhi is right, she brutally humiliated Pakhi and was blabbering that Virat is not her husband, their marriage is an understanding and she will leave home. She continues yelling that Sai should go right now, but will not; she continues that Pakhi is in deep sorrow after Sai’s allegations, she is already tensed regarding her husband, what is wrong if she speaks to Virat and if there is any restriction to speak to someone in this house. Virat fumes, but controls his anger.

Devi gets happy seeing Sai at her home and seeing her sad asks if she is angry on her. Pulkit says she is sad because for some other reason and is very tired and hungry after a day’s long studies, so Devi should give her something to eat. Sai says she doesn’t want to as she is ugly and bad. Devi says she is beautiful. Pulkit says should inform Virat that she is here. Sai says she doesn’t want to. He says he realized the issue now and says he will inform Virat she will stay back here tonight. She says why should she inform Virat, he is intelligent enough and will find out himself if he cares for her even a bit.

Bhavani continues badmouthing about Sai and says Sai doesn’t care for Virat, she is flying high because of Ashwini’s support, she is uncultured, arrogant, etc.., but Pakhi is well mannered and well educated and knows what to speak, etc., and once Sai becomes a doctor, she will slit their throats. She then asks to forget everything and feed Pakhi. Virat stands shocked hearing that. Bhavani says she wants them to have food together. Pakhi asks why is she adamant and why can’t she understand that she is humiliated because of this, she wants to go to her parent’s house now as she feels suffocated here and will often visit her. Virat says she need not go anywhere and apologizes on Sai’s behalf. Pakhi says Sai should apologize instead and if he is apologizing as Sai is his wife. He says he is because Sai is not present here and requests her to have food. Bhavani yells that Pakhi will not have food if he just orders, he should have food with her in this room itself like he does with Sai, so she will send food for them. Virat says he is not hungry. Bhavani says he can feed Pakhi instead. Pakhi says she herself can have food. Bhavani says she will not after today’s incident and needs someone to feed her, so she should have food from Virat’s hand.

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Virat gets Pulkit’s call and asks if something happened between him and Sai, Sai is here and will stay here overnight. Virat shouts that Chavan Nivas is not a hotel that Sai comes and leaves whenever she wants.

Pulkit asks him to calm down as Sai is very hurt. Virat shouts that doesn’t mean she can do whatever she wants, if she wants to punish them, etc. Pulkit says there is no doubt that Sai cares for him and something really happened that she is hurt most, either he or Sai can only answer what happened. Ashwini enters and hears their conversation. Bhavani yells that people are complaining to Virat and that he is not bothered about Virat, but Sai proved that she is not bothered about Sai, she didn’t call or message Virat and planned to stay away after creating such a big drama. Ashwini thinks her fear is coming true. Bhavani continues yelling that Pulkit followed Sai’s orders like a servant and called Virat, Pulkit is inauspicious, Sai purposefully made him call to trouble me. Virat says Sai didn’t want Pulkit to call him and Pulkit himself called. Bhavani continues her unbearable yelling.

Sai reminisces Pakhi and Virat’s conversation. Madhuri asks her to have something at least now. Sai says she doesn’t want to. Harini gets happy seeing Sai, hugs her, and searches Virat.

Pulkit says Sai directly came from college, so Virat didn’t come along. Madhuri says it’s bad manners, Sai will feel that she is not happy seeing her here. Harini says she is very happy seeing Sai here and drew a special drawing for Sai and Harini. Pulit asks to show it. Harini shows a drawing of Virat and Sai holding her hands. Sai says it’s really good. Pulkit says Sai doesn’t want to have dinner, so she should convince her. Harini insists. Sai reminisces Ashwini feeding her and agrees to have dinner.

At Chavan Nivas, Bhavani doesn’t have dinner and says she is not hungry. Sonali asks what should she serve then. Bhavani says poison. Sonali says she will bring it. Bhavani scolds her.

Karishma comments that they have to be hungry because of Bhavani. Sai calls Ashwini and informs them that she is staying at Devi’s house tonight. Karishma provokes Bahvani that Sai should have called the elder of the family and not Ashwini. Bhavani yells as usual. Ashwini tells Sai that she should have informed Sai. Sai says she doesn’t want to speak to Virat. Ashwini asks if she is angry with even her.

Sai says she cannot be angry with her even in her dreams and says she will go to college from here itself with Pulkit. Ashwini asks her to call Virat once if possible. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for the fastest updates.

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