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Midrand Graduate Institute August Examinations Timetable 2022/2023


Midrand Graduate Institute MGI Examination Timetable 2022/2023; Check out the examination timetable for Midrand Graduate Institute MGI.

How to Check Examination timetable

Midrand Graduate Institute MGI examination timetable has been released and successfully uploaded to the student portal. Students can access their timetable via the following portal

Sign In by entering your Student Login Details in the appropriate fields provided.
Navigate to the examination timetable and select the semester you need to access your timetable.


A candidate shall be eligible for an examination of the Institute after fulfilling the following conditions:
a) Having been registered for a module/course in question;
b) Completion of all exercises in continuous assessment and he/she has passed;
c) Evidence-based attendance of classroom sessions;
d) Payment of required fees;

Examination MGIles and regulations

1. For sit-down examinations: Morning (AM) sessions start writing at 08h30 and afternoon (PM) sessions start writing at 14h00. Candidates are reminded that they must be seated no later than fifteen (15) minutes before the start of each session, five minutes ahead of the doors being locked. LATECOMERS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO WRITE EXAMINATIONS

2. Check the times and dates of any examinations/assessments you are scheduled to write and should you currently have a DIRECT CLASH, you are required to report the clash examination to AcademicAdmin.

Please note: Subjects on the same day at different times do not constitute a clash


(a)     Candidates should note that they are eligible to write examinations ONLY in those courses which appear on their CURRENT course record. Students who have been attending a course without being properly registered for it will NOT receive results for it.

(b)     If you have stopped participating in a course, without formally dropping it, your results will show DNW (Did Not Write) for that particular course.

(c)     If you have not already done so, it is imperative that you check your course record. Ask for a copy in the Student Bureau, if you are unable to use ROSS (Rhodes On-line Student System). If necessary, have your record corrected now to avoid the difficulties mentioned in a) and b) above.

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4. Candidates are warned that if they fail to produce positive identification (i.e. current Midrand Graduate Institute Student Card/ID Book/Passport or Driver’s Licence) at any examination session they may be liable to a fine of R250.

5. Stationery should be carried in a clear A4 clear plastic sleeve. Students who bring pencil cases will have to empty them for inspection by the invigilators. Candidates may not use correcting pens, fluid or tape or any erasable pens in their answers for examinations.

6. NO BAGS OR CELL PHONES ARE PERMITTED – Nothing may be brought into the examination venue other than stationery (as described above) and water which must be in a clear, transparent bottle that is placed on the desk. Please ensure that you do not cause water- damage to scripts as you will not be permitted additional time should this happen

7. Examinations MAY NOT be written in the Health Care Centre (Sanatorium). Consideration will only be given to candidates with supporting evidence of exceptional medical conditions, i.e. if isolation is needed due to highly contagious diseases, and in these instances, candidates must be admitted to the Health Care Centre a minimum of 24 hours before the date of the examination. Students admitted to the Health Care Centre less than 24 hours before an examination will be required to apply for an aegrotat examination.

8. WARNING: Candidates may be disqualified:

(a)     if they take into any examination hall or are found there, during the examination, in possession of any books, memorandum, notes or any papers whatsoever, except such answer books or other books, papers or materials as may be supplied by the Examinations Office;

(b)     if they are in possession of any mobile/wireless digital devices with data storage and/or communication capabilities (e.g. cell phones, PDAs, etc), in particular, cellphones are not permitted in any venue – please leave them at home. Candidates are warned that they may be liable to a fine of R250, and disciplinary action if suspected of cheating;

(c)     if they aid or attempt to aid another candidate if they obtain or attempt to obtain aid from another candidate if they communicate or attempt to communicate, in any way, with another candidate or any unauthorized person.

Any such candidate may face disciplinary action.

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9. Candidates are not permitted to leave the halls for the purpose of smoking.

10. No candidate may leave the exam venue in the first hour or last half hour of the exam. Outside of this period, candidates may not temporarily leave the venue for any reason, other than a trip to the toilet and must record their details in the appropriate book at the door.

11. The doors of the examination halls will be closed ten minutes before the start of each session and will remain closed while question papers are being distributed: candidates must therefore allow themselves time to be seated at least ten minutes before the start of exams.


All examination venues will be under CCTV surveillance to ensure monitoring of examinations and should any examination infringement is detected, disciplinary actions in line with the student disciplinary code will follow.

Online/Remote Examinations

For Online and alternative assessments, individual departments will be responsible for the actual release of assessments on MGIConnected and receipt/closure of the assessment. Kindly contact the respective department should you have any queries.


A candidate who has been found to have committed plagiarism, copied or cheated will be subjected to disciplinary procedures in terms of the University Student Disciplinary Code and Plagiarism Policy. All students are required to familiarise themselves with and comply with this code and policy.


Midrand Graduate Institute was first known as Midrand Campus, later known as Midrand University. Established in 1989, it soon attained acceptance as a private university-level, degree-conferring institution – one of the first of its kind in southern Africa. It formed a partnership with CTI Education Group in 2006, with the opportunity to offer degrees at various remote campuses nationwide and conferred by Midrand. Qualifications are offered at 11 campuses in South Africa. Pearson Education acquired a 75% shareholding in Midrand Graduate Institute in 2011, which grew to 100% in 2013. It is now known as the Pearson Institute of Higher Education (officially using that name from 27 July 2016). As the Pearson Institute of Higher Education now has 12 campuses in South Africa, it is now simply known as the Midrand Campus (or Main Campus) of the same institution.

Accreditation and affiliations

Midrand is registered with the Department of Education (South Africa) as a Higher Education Institution (No.2001/HE07/008) in accordance with the Higher Education Act, and its bachelor’s degrees are accredited by the Council on Higher Education’s Higher Education Quality Committee. All of Midrand’s qualifications are registered on the National Qualifications Framework by the South African Qualifications Authority. A number of qualifications are also accredited by local, international, professional, and industry bodies such as the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in the UK. However, it is not registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa, though it is with the Design Education Forum of Southern Africa, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, the Midrand Tourism Association, the Computer Society of South Africa and the Information Technology Association.

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Midrand is an official licensee for tuition support of UNISA.


Its Managing Director and Principal was Dr. Tom Brown. (end 2013) Currently Dr. Dolf Steyn (end 2016). The new Campus director of Midrand is Jowilna Storm and the MD is Nhlanhla Thwala.

Research Indaba

The Research Indaba is an initiative of Midrand’s Research Committee. It originated in 2008 as a mechanism to empower staff and students to engage with the research process in order to inspire them to set in motion research projects on campus. Midrand’s researchers participate in national and international conferences, symposia and consortia. Research findings are published in scientific journals, the mainstream media and subject-related journals.

Language policy

Midrand’s language of instruction is English. The institution’s policy of inclusiveness allows access to students whose mother tongue is not English by offering specialised English language skills programmes, support and training.


External links

Physical Address

44 Alsation Rd,
Glen Austin Ext 3,

Postal Address

PO Box 2986,
Halfway House,

Phone: 011 690 1700

Fax: 011 315 2824

Email: info@mgi.ac.za

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