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National Bench Mark Test Application 2023/2024


National Bench Mark Test Application 2023/2024: The registration opened on 1st April 2022. Some Universities use NBT as a criterion for admission in 2023/2024. Confirm that your university requires NBT before registering, confirm with this link.

National Bench Mark Test Application

National Bench Mark Test Application 2023/2024 Requirements

  • Your official ID book (if you are not a citizen of South Africa, you will need your passport)
  • A uniqueemail address
  • City and site where you want to write
  • NBT requirements from the institutions where you plan to apply
  • Date when you want to write (allow 4 weeks for the institution(s) to which you have applied to receive your results. You can access your results on our website after 5 weeks.)
  • Pen and paper to record your username and EasyPay number


Take note of the following:

The NBT Project does not determine which test you must write nor the deadline for submitting results. Most institutions in South Africa post their requirements on their website and in their prospectus.

  • The username and EasyPay number assigned to you during registration are used to:
  • Complete the registration process if you did not finish
  • Correct personal information
  • Request change to test date or site
  • Verify payment so that your results may be released
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Registration is date- and venue-specific. If you miss your scheduled test, you must re-register and pay again. You will be able to access your results only if you have paid for any tests for which you were registered.

Click Here >>> NBT rules

Two days before the test for which you have registered, you will receive an SMS and an email confirming your test venue.

Is NBT required for 2023?

The NBT is not required for any undergraduate programme for the 2023 study year. Please refer to the University of Pretoria’s undergraduate faculty brochures at www. up.

How do I apply for NBT 2023?

You NEED the following to register:

Your official ID book (if you are not a citizen of South Africa, you will need your passport) City and site where you want to write. NBT requirements from the institutions where you plan to apply. Date when you want to write (allow 4 weeks to receive results)

Is NBT required for 2023 at wits?

All applicants to BSc, Health Sciences, Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology, and Social Work must write their NBTs. Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology applicants as well as Health Science applicants are required to write the NBT on or before

How do I apply for NBT online?

Registrations are made on the NBT website – www.nbt.ac.za. Click on “book a test” and follow the prompts. At the end of registration you will be given the option to download or print the registration confirmation.

When can I apply for NBT?

The NBTs test dates run from 14 May 2022 until 7 January 2023. To view the calendar with all test dates for 2022. Candidates may choose to write either online or in person at venues specified by the NBT Project.

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Can I write NBT test online?

The NBT Online test is undertaken in a secure proctored online environment. You will be monitored throughout the test to ensure that you follow all testing procedures. Your entire test session will be recorded. Writers are required to comply with all test rules and requirements to avoid the invalidation of your test.

Why Grade 12 should write NBTs early?

Because it will help Grade 12 learners interpret their National Senior Certificate results. When you want to apply to University after finishing your Matric, it is important to do your NBTs while you are still in High School when the information is still fresh in your mind.

How much is the NBT test Fee?

NBT Cost
AQL only R130
AQL & MAT R260
Re-mark R250



NBT registration is an online exercise. Load the link below after checking all the requirements mentioned earlier. The registration has four sections. A section for Personal Information, Contact Information, Test / Venue Selection and Survey.

Click the link to go to the registration page ->> https://nbtests.uct.ac.za/tests/register

Have you already registered and want to make changes, here is the link ->> https://nbtests.uct.ac.za/user

Another thing you may want to check after registration is the test dates and venues. Confirm NBT Test dates and venues to avoid missing your test and most likely missing your admission, click this link to check the test dates.

Should you require any further information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact our helpdesk?

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Click Here

NBT Manual Including writer checklist V.4

NBT Online Test Rules and Requirements

For more information contact us in our comment box below for full details concerning the NBT test application 2023/2024.

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