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Npower Work Nation Application Portal | How to Apply


Npower Work Nation Application Portal | How to Apply: Many Npower beneficiaries and applicants have been wondering about the Work Nation Tab that appeared on their NASIM dashboard. If you are a batch C stream 1 candidate and you saw the work nation display tab on your dashboard, congratulations, you won’t be thrown into the street. Just like batches A and B, which were mandated on the psychometric test before placing in various ministries and departments, batch c stream 1 is coming with the same pattern but a different approach. Developing and connecting Africa’s talents to opportunities across the globe. Equipping Africa’s Talent for the Future Of Work

Npower Work Nation Application Portal

NASIMS NPower Work Nation Application Portal and Eligibility for Registration

The NASIMS Work Nation is a portal for eligibility tests for Npower Batch C1 beneficiaries to access another exit package. The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) management says the passing out assessment exam is called the WorkNation eligibility test, which is also known as WorkNation Programme.

About Work Nation Assessment Test

The Work Nation eligibility test as stated by NASIMS management is a mandatory requirement for Npower Batch C1 beneficiaries to receive their August stipend.

According to N power Management, the Work Nation eligibility test is designed to make more opportunities accessible to Npower batch C stream 1 beneficiaries. However, the success or failure of the test will not affect Npower Batch C1 beneficiaries’ payments. Beneficiaries are directed to Click on the test button in the NASIMS self-service dashboard it will redirect them to the test page to complete the passing out process. NASIM management also congratulates all NPower Batch C1 beneficiaries on reaching the concluding month of the programme, which they were selected for as a beneficiary.

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What You Should Know About the N Power Work Nation Assessment Test

Currently, the message is been shown to s-ome selected Exiting NPower batch C stream 1 beneficiaries. The pop-up message will appear when beneficiaries login to the NASIMS portal. When the message appears, you are to click on it and commence the NPower WorkNation eligibility test. It is no longer news that the Federal Government, through the ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development, established an exit path called NEXIT Scheme for the NPower beneficiaries who were leaving the programme to access other opportunities for empowerment so they could become self-sufficient after disengagement.

The official website of the NASIMS NPower Work Nation programme is https://www.worknation.ng. Follow the procedure on your NASIMS dashboard on how to apply.

Aim and Objectives of the Work Nation

Preparing talents to meet specific industry needs in line with global shifts in the nature of work and skill set demands. Customizing training curriculum to equip, up-skill, and re-skill talents as best fits for global brands and the digital economy workforce. Prequalifying talents for industry-specific training and selection for internship or employment. Blending the skills, attitude, experience, and passion of talents to meet the expectations of the future of work.

Work Nation will help you find your dream job through your skills and talents, all you need to do as Npower Batch C stream 1 beneficiary is to follow the steps below

  • Login into your nasim dashboard
  • At the work nation tab, click the questions segment
  • Answer the questions and submit
  • Your scores can be checked after the test
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About: Work.Nation


Work.Nation Aspires To Take The First Step In Providing An Open Platform For Anybody To Enhance Their Employability By Capturing, Validating, And Sharing Their Professional Portfolio. Work.Nation Is An Open Source Platform Based On A Blockchain Architecture that Enabling Everyone To

Set Up Their Professional Identity

  • Create And Maintain Their Professional Portfolio
  • Validate Their Portfolio By A Trusted Peer Network
  • Share Their Portfolio Across Organizations And Platforms
  • Fully Own And Control Their Personal Data


Work.Nation Is Currently In A Proof Of Concept (Poc) State. It Demonstrates The Fundamental Feasibility And Functionality Of A Portable Professional Portfolio Utilizing Blockchain Architecture. Work.Nation At Its Core Allows The Creation Of Claims (Of Contributions To Projects) And Confirmations (Of These Contributions) As Signed Claims, Using Uport + Ipfs + Ethereum.


Work.Nation Evolved From Concepts Outlined In “When Work Is No Longer Work” (Nov 2016), “21st Century World Of Work: Reputation-Based Culture Powered By Blockchain Technology” (Oct 2016) And The “Portable Reputation Toolkit Use Cases” Whitepaper (Feb 2017), Then Took On A Life Of Its Own. Work.Nation Incorporates Technologies, Ideas And Lessons Learned From The Development Of Trust Graph Over The Last Several Years.

Minimum Viable Product / Ecosystem

The Minimum Viable Product Is An Individual Portable Professional Portfolio Tied To An Identity That Can Be Utilized With Any Given Organization. The Ecosystem Need This Is Expected To Fill Includes That Of Organizations Performing Agile Talent Search For Rapid Project Staffing And That Of Individuals To Create And Document A History Of Professional Contributions Agnostic To The Organizations They Worked For.


Vocabulary Is Defined From The Perspective Of Projects As The Primary Entity. Stakeholders Include Contributors And Organizations (Represented By Project Owners).

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Minimal User Scenario

A Professional Contributor Works For An Organization On A Project With A Fellow Contributor

Fellow Contributor Provide Attestation Of Professional Contributor’s Contribution On Project 1

Professional Contributor Provides Attestation Of Fellow Contributor’s Contribution On Project 1

Organization Uses Attestations To Determine Staffing On Project N

Professional Contributor And Fellow Contributor Use Attestations Of Contributor Membership Of Project N To Determine Which Roles To Accept

External Contributors Use Attestations Of Contributor Membership Of Project N To Influence Funding Decisions

Professional Contributor May Selectively Reveal Attestations To Organization And Fellow Contributor


Work.Nation Was Initiated By Cisco (Tom Lamberty & Gianpaolo Barozzi) And Co-Developed By Comakery (Noah Thorp, Harlan Wood, And Kathrine Olson) And Consensys (Bill Gleim) With Support By Iftf (Alex Voto).

How It Works

  1. Complete the online application* After a short pre-screening questionnaire, complete the full application and someone from our team will call or email you directly. 
  2. Attend a virtual info session. 
  3. Participate in a virtual interview. 
  4. Join the class–online.


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