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Rhodes Business School Matric 2023-2024|How to Apply!


Get to know about Rhodes Business School Matric 2022-2023|how to Apply!


We harmonydiva team are much super excited to inform you about Matric 2023-2024|How to Apply! From here you can read full detail about Matric 2023-2024|How to Apply!

Bridging courses for the matriculation at Rhodes Business School | brief course

If you cannot enroll in the Rhodes Business School without a matriculation? You can enroll in bridging courses at Rhodes Business School . Describe bridging courses. You can retake your failing subjects throughout this brief course in order to improve your Matric grades. Your chances of enrolling in an institution for higher education will increase thanks to your improved grades. However, you are able to retake your tests at your old high school or enroll in bridge courses at recognized colleges. You can apply to enroll as an undergraduate student at Rhodes Business School after earning your matriculation.

B: Having a Matric certificate does not guarantee you a chance to study at Rhodes Business School . You have to apply for admission like any other learner.

Rhodes Business School courses and requirements

Before applying for any of the courses offered at this university, you must ensure that you meet the specific requirements for the course. From harmonydiva.com, Each college in the university has particular needs that you should know beforehand. If your preferred course is not offered in the university, for example, Rhodes Business School courses, you can look for an alternative university that provides it.

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All You Need To Know About Matric

I Passed Matric. What Now?

You’re at a point in your life where you need to make big decisions and start a new chapter in your life. Don’t stress too much. It’s entirely normal to not have a plan just yet. Most people don’t have a plan yet.

If you do have one, you’re one of the lucky ones. Nonetheless, there are many options out there for matriculants. What you eventually decide to do also depends on what level you passed your matric with.

Passed with a Bachelor’s Certificate Pass?

With this qualification, you can study anywhere you want to. Although, this is also dependent on what your marks look like. With a Bachelor’s Certificate Pass you can apply at any university, a college or go straight into a job.

In the end, it all comes down to what you want to study and what you can afford. The one thing to keep in mind when applying to any institution is that each institution has minimum mark requirements, and you must achieve these marks to be accepted into the institution.

Passed with a Diploma Pass?

If you passed with a diploma pass, you can go to any college to get a diploma certificate or to a university that offers diplomas. Some universities, like Cape Peninsula University of Technology, offer diploma courses with an optional year to get a degree if you did well academically with your diploma certificate.

Passed with a Higher Certificate Pass?

The Higher Certificate Pass is slightly trickier. With this pass, you can only study at colleges that offer higher certificate courses. There may be ways to get higher qualifications once you have completed those, but that is circumstantial, and you would have to contact an advisor at your college. They could help you to figure out a plan to get a higher qualification if that is your goal.

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Meaning of NQF

have you heard of “NQF” before? Does it sound foreign? Here you will find the meaning of NQU. If you passed matric then you definitely have an NQF 4. If you didn’t pass matric, don’t worry. It’s easy to remedy that and get one without interrupting your life too much.

NQF stands for National Qualifications Framework. Every qualification in South Africa is rated on this framework.

These are the NQF’s that you would leave high school with:

Grade 9 – NQF 1

Grade 10 – NQF 2

Grade 11 – NQF 3

Grade 12 – NQF 4

Whether you didn’t proceed after Grade 9 or your Grade 12 results weren’t good enough to get into university or another tertiary institution, this helps you.

At Damelin Correspondence you can get your grade 10, 11 and 12 certificates. You can get the normal NQF 4 or you can get a more specialised NQF 4. Specialities include accounting, engineering and early child development. There are many more specialities.  Head over to their website to see more. Some NQF 2 and 3 courses are also more specialised than the general high school courses.

Why do you need an NQF 4 (Matric Certificate)?

An NQF 4 grants you access into tertiary institutions. More importantly, most employers require you to have a minimum of a matric certificate or NQF 4. More physical work generally does not require this, but not everyone is cut out for physical work. You also dont want to stay in the same position for the rest of your life. Everyone has a dream house and lifestyle that requires finances to achieve.


There are many colleges that offer, professional courses, for those who have and have not completed Matric. These courses range from long degree programs to short skills courses. The ICB offers valuable courses in many streams of business that can be studied through distance learning colleges.

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If you don’t meet the minimum admission requirements for the degree that you want to study, you can start with a relevant lower-level qualification, such as a higher certificate or diploma, and from there you can apply for a degree course. Work through the admission requirements for each level of qualification. Keep your eyes on the prize and determine what the exact criteria are for the course that will get you to the career of your dreams.

There are of course other options, have a look at these courses that you can without a Matric and choose one that suits your needs.

Study Without Matric

Did you know that there are many courses that you can study even if you do not have matric?  You can decide between short courses (that are not accredited) and fully accredited qualifications.

Here are two colleges where you can study without Matric:

  • Skills Academy – Accredited by FASSET, QCTO, ICB, CIMA
  • TWP Academy – Accredited by FASSET, QCTO, ICB, CIMA
  • Bellview Institute of Distance Learning – Accredited by FASSET, QCTO, ICB, CIMA, DHET Exams division

Never got your Matric?

If you are feeling down about your matric outcomes – get assistance. If you never ever got matric numerous years back, stop feeling embarrassed about it.

The majority of South Africans Do NOT Have a Matric Certificate

However, it is usually too late to achieve good matric results by the time you are believing and considering a job rather than additional schooling. Many students want to continue their education after matriculation, but they don’t have the finest grades to be admitted to a university or other type of educational facility.

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