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University of Mpumalanga Bridging Courses 2023/2024


List of bridging Courses offered at the University of Mpumalanga for the 2023/2024 Academic Session Below 

University of Mpumalanga Bridging Courses 2023/2024

University of Mpumalanga Management has officially released the list of ALL bridging courses offered for the 2023/2024 academic session.

University of Mpumalanga Bridging Courses Offered

A bridging course is an intensive course often designed for students who wish to pursue higher education because they feel underprepared for higher education or because they do not meet the requirements for higher education because they come from disadvantaged schools.

Some institutions of higher education offer a bridge course in the form of an “advanced degree” so that a three-year degree becomes a four-year degree.

NOTE: In a UNIVERSITY BRIDGE COURSE, you will NOT learn a subject (e.g., core math or science from grade 10) from the beginning. You should already be proficient in these subjects, even if your grades do not meet the required level.

Several universities and technical colleges offer bridge courses to assist students who do not quite meet the requirements for an accredited degree. These offerings have different names depending on the institution or faculty.


  • For extension courses, the initial entry requirements are slightly lower, and students must complete an additional year of study.
  • Universities still require certain subjects for the program, such as math or science.
  • Most universities also administer a test, commonly called the National Benchmark Test (NBT).
  • Some universities will not allow you to apply for an extension course but will offer it if the results of their test show that you would benefit from it.
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If you follow the rules in place, you will save time. It is very useful to download or collect the prospectuses or information brochures that each university offers each year to make sure there are no changes.

How to Check University of Mpumalanga Bridging Courses 2023/2024

Visit the University of Mpumalanga official website >> http://www.ump.ac.za/
Log into the student portal.
Click on ‘COURSES.’
Search for bridging courses.

University of Mpumalanga Contact Details

  • Ms R Koch
  • Executive Secretary to the Dean of Students

    Tel:  (013) 002 0019
    Email:  rita.koch@ump.ac.za

  • Mr M Kilani
  • Student Housing Administrative Assistant / Assistant House Warden

    Tel:  N/A
    Email:  manelisi.kilani@ump.ac.za

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